Austrian born composer Thomas Hohl is very passionate about scoring movies and telling stories through music. His goal is to unravel the multitude of layers and find the core of the emotions that let the viewer engage and
connect with the narrative.

Among them Teddy Nominated Documentary: “Brothers of the Night”, the “GPI-Comenius EduMedia Siegel” awarded Documentary “Der Graben/Grapa”, and the market changing Film “Aluminium, Dirty Little Secret”.

He also composed and produced music for all sorts of Media like a Planetarium Laser Show called “Das neue Licht/The new Light”,
commercials for Soccer Clubs and also has experience in doing
Sound Design and scoring for Animation.

Besides his work as a composer Thomas is still a live playing musician
and songwriter for his own acoustic project “Joseph” and his super heavy pop music band “Savaria”. And if he is not working on music of any
kind you can find him somewhere in the woods. 


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Fabian Steppan Fotography


Acoustic/Pop/Folk Duo. Guitar, Viola, Voice... 

Super Heavy Pop Music Live


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Dear Reader,

Born and raised in a little village in the Heart of the Alps in Austria I was surrounded by nature, which is still one of my strongest inspirations. My first emotional contact with music was singing (yodelling) outside on top of the mountains and crazy-dancing in my room to UFO. Things changed drastically around the age of 10. My family and I ended up in the suburbs of Vienna in lower Austria. This might also be a reason why I felt so lost until I rediscovered my love for music.

In my late teenage years the musical journey continued accompanied by the wild call of change and rebellion and my first electric guitar. It became clear to me that I wanted to dedicate my life to music. I realized that I really needed to step up my game because playing a few power chords up and down the neck won´t do the trick. At that time I had no serious musical education whatsoever. All I had was my infinite passion for music and life. So I worked hard and was accepted into a Jazz Conservatory, from which I graduated four years later with honours. During that time I composed and produced the sound for various small commercials and image films.

Over time my love for music grew more and more as did my wish to tell stories. Stories that convey and transport an emotional message. Today, still, I’m the lead singer and guitarist with two bands, SAVARIA (super heavy pop) and JOSEPH (singer/songwriter - acoustic pop) for which I also write lyrics and compose the music. I think my approach as a lead singer gives me a strong sense for memorable melodies and catchy hook lines for main titles. It still is very important to me that a song or a piece of music, no matter its nature, has deeper meaning or message. Music has always been a tool to discover the worlds inside and around you. There is always more someone can hear or see.

The fact that I love to engage with people's lives and their stories, gives me the ability to connect with them on an emotional level as well as on a day to day basis. It is a wonderful experience when human beings open up to you and share their stories.

My greatest dream is to tell and support strories that move people. A narrative that triggers a deep real live experience. That has impact on live and how huamas are perceiving life itself.

My greatest goal is to improve myself constantly and to become the best musician/man I can possibly be.

After HMW 2015, where Christopher Young said to me, “it’s beautiful”, after we recorded a composition for strings of mine, I felt that there is something real to my passion. Even though there is so much talent out there I strongly feel that there is also talent in me.

Sincerely Thomas Hohl




Thomas Hohl
Wiener Straße 43/3
2352 Gumpoldskirchen



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